Cannot connect to camera interface


This article describes how to trouble shoot your network if you are not able to connec to an IP Camera's interface



If you have your camera plugged in and you know it is in good working order, but are still unable to connect to the interface of the camera try some of the following:


    1. Try to ping the camera
      • Open command prompt by click Start and typing in CMD
      • Type "ping [IP address of camera]"
      • Hit enter
      • If you do not get a ping result then you may want to move on to another step
      • If you can ping the camera then confirm you are typing in the IP address in the web browser correctly or try This Knowledge base piece that discusses Web Browser settings.
    2. Check all physical cabling and connectors for defects, cuts or improper installation and try reseating all cable connections (at switch port and camera).
    3. Check Port lights on the switch to ensure you are getting a link between camera and switch.
    4. Try running the Advidia Camera finder to see if the utility finds the camera on another IP Address.
      • Confirm the IP address and retype in web browser.
    5. Check or have your IT admin check the switch to ensure the port is enabled and there are no special configurations on the switch port to which your IP camera is connected to.
    6. If your IP Camera is on another network, ensure that all ports are open that are required in order to communicate to the camera. Typically port 80.
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