DHCP vs Static IP Address


This article describes the difference between DHCP and Static IP Address as well as when they should be used.



Static IP Address is an address that never changes.

  • It is recommended that all IP cameras are configured with predefined static IP addresses.
  • If the IP address changes randomly you may lose connection through the VMS.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol that automatically assigns free IP Addresses to devices such as IP cameras that are connected to the network.

  • It is not recommended to use DHCP addressing unless you have and IT administrator that can manage the DHCP pools.
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Comment of Phillip Horn:
It would be exponentially more useful for us (and many others, I would imagine) if you ... show morewould set the DEFAULT mode to DHCP from the factory, and if the unit doesn't get an IP from DHCP, then fall back to the address. Currently, we can't just hand cameras to installers and say put this up over in the gym. We have to open the box, connect it to a poe port, connect a laptop to that vlan, run the camera finder utility, find it, change the setting to DHCP, box the thing back up, and then hand it to the installer and say - put this up over in the gym.
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