How to Make Bulk Camera Changes


This article describes how to push settings to all cameras on an IP Server using Enterprise Manager.
NOTE: This is an all-cameras or no-cameras feature. There is not a current way to select specific cameras.

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    • Steps:

1.  Download the Enterprise Manager

2.  Extract and run EnterpriseManager.exe on an active Server that has the existing shared or central database.

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3.  Click Camera Changes.

4.  Select All Servers or use the drop-down menu labeled Server named to choose a specific server to alter.

5.  In the Camera Property section, use the drop-down menu labeled Property to choose the settings to change.

          • Name
            • Name that is referenced when displaying the camera.
          • Number
            • Used when indexing multiple cameras with the same IP Address.
          • File Size
            • This is the value that sets the maximum size of the recorded files.
            • This value is calculated in MegaBytes (MB).
          • Record Mode
            • 1 = No Recording
            • 2 = Record Always
            • 3 = Record with Motion
          • Capture Audio
            • This value will capture Audio, and will be available in live.
              • 0 = No Audio
              • 1 = Capture Audio
          • Record Audio
            • This value will Record Audio, make sure Capture Audio also is turned on.
              • True = Record Camera Audio
              • False = Do Not Record Camera Audio
          • Frame Rate
            • This will adjust the capture frame rate from the camera.
              • NOTE: Verify that the cameras being changed are also pushing out this frame rate via their web interface.
          • Camera Motion Detection
            • True = Use Camera Side Motion Detection
            • False = Use Server Side Motion Detection

6.  Enter the appropriate value into the New Value field.

7.  Click Apply to update the camera settings.

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